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Member Support Groups

Port Macquarie and Districts Family History Society provides interested members with a number of support groups to assist with their research endeavours and interests.

Coordinated by member volunteers with both a particular interest and expertise in the area, these groups offer both practical and procedural research support, resources and advice. The support groups also provide members with opportunities to discuss issues and solve problems, particular to their area of interest.
Writers' Support Group
Research Support
Family Search  
support Group
Convict Support
DNA Support Group
Meeting Dates:
7th February
7th March
4th April
2nd May
6th June
4th July
1st August
5th September
3rd October - ZOOM
7th November
5th December
Meeting Dates:
16th February
16th March
13th April
18th May
15th June
13th July
17th August
14th September
12th October
16th November
14th December
Meeting Dates:
14th February

11th April

13th June - ZOOM

8th August

10th October

12th December
Meeting Dates:
21st February
21st March
18th April - ZOOM
16th May
20th June
18th July
15th August
19th September
17th October
21st November
Meeting Dates:
28th February
28th March
25th April - ZOOM
23rd May
27th June
25th July
22nd August
26th September
22nd October
28th November
Venue: Library
  Time: 1-3pm
Venue: Library
Time: 1pm-3pm
Venue: Library
Time: 1-3pm
Venue: Library
Time: 1pm-3pm
Venue: Libray
Time: 1-3pm

Convict Support Group - Coordinator:  Clive Smith
We aim to look at our own ancestor convicts and also some of the convicts who came to Port Macquarie.
Please come to the group if you have an interest in research and have free time to support your society.

DNA Support Group - Coordinator:  Ken Hunt / Pauline Every
Genetic genealogy is a way for genealogists to go beyond what they can learn from personal knowledge, relatives or historical documentation. DNA testing gives us matches to relatives, many of whom will be unknown to us.
Consisting of members of our family history group, we meet regularly to exchange success stories and discuss new tools, ideas and topics.
We also have a closed Facebook page which we find is a great way of providing information about what is happening in the world of DNA genealogy.
We look forward to welcoming new members.

Writers' Group - Coordinator: Diane Gillespie
The writer's group is an informal group of writers who listen, share and provide support and information - of all kinds - about writing and publishing family histories.
Each month, an interesting writing exercise aimed at getting members to the desk and writing, is suggested.
It does not matter at what stage you are with your research and/or writing. You will find a friendly and interesting group of members who will listen to and share your writing journey from those first tentative words right through to publishing your work.
So, come along and join our enthusiastic and welcoming group.

Family Search Group - Coordinators:  Robyn Denley/Pauline Every
Family Search is a genealogy organisation operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
It is the largest genealogy organisation in the world.
Find your family, discover yourself.
Learn where you came from and get to know who you are.
This is a free "worldwide" family tree.
Group Coordinator, Robyn Denley, who served in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City for 18 months - primarily in British, Australian and New Zealand research - can provide valuable and expert assistance for interested members.

Research Support Group - Coordinators: Clive Smith/Rex Toomey
Research group provides members with the opportunity to explore a variety of topics related to the family history research.
Each month, members are supported in learning about new record types and/or practical research methods and procedures. This group aims to keep members informed and up-to-date with current trends and resources relating to researching their family history.
Come along and be a part of our enthusiastic learning community.

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